Terms and conditions

1. Requirements
The terms and conditions when creating a subscription are accepted by entering the billing information.

For any questions regarding these terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@conduze.com.

2. Agreement
By striking an agreement with Conduze on the use of SAAS software the Customer accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement. Conduze gives the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use this software.

3. Creation of subscription
With reference to the creation of a user, all information indicated as obligatory must be filled in. The Customer fills in a form with company name, company registration number, contact name and a valid email address. This information will not be passed on to any other party, but will only be available for the supplier. (For further information regarding data security see paragraph 10).

For Customers who have given their email address, the supplier will be entitled to send messages per e-mail. Furthermore the above information shall be updated so that they at any time are correct.

To confirm the user information of the Customer, the supplier may at any time require the Customer to identify himself. The supplier may in whole or in part exclude admittance to Conduze until the Customer confirms the identification.

4. Application
The subscription gives the rights to Conduze and will not be used by of for data processing for others. The use of this subscription applies to the legal entity that created the subscription.

5. Duration and billing
The duration of the subscription will take place from the confirmation of the order and will continue each month as agreed. The agreement is valid as long as the Customer has an account to access the software. If the expiration date is not exceeded, the Customer has full access and can see previous data. If the expiration date is exceeded, the Customer has access only to previous campaigns and can not create new ones.

The subscription is invoiced in advance and the first period applies from the date of order and one month in advance.

6. Payment

You can create a free version for 14 days without further bonding.

All rates are quoted in Danish crowns and are exclusive. VAT. Changes in exchange rates implies that Conduze ApS can adjust prices so that Conduze ApS made unchanged.

All subscriptions will be billed for 6 months.

All extra phonenumbers will be billed for 12 months.

7. Credit card
The Customer may use the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express.

8. No refund or right of revocation
The service is not included by the 14 days right of revocation as the delivery occur digitally and the service thus will be delivered at the time of the payment.

9. Termination
The termination of the subscription can be made through your account at Conduze. The termination must be made no later than the day before a new subscription period begins.

10. Data security
In relation to the operation of Conduze the supplier guarantee a high data security for the Customer.

The supplier is bound to secrecy concerning all information from the Customer, and is not entitled to reveal such information to third parties unless the Customer accepts it.

The supplier has taken all necessary technical and organizational safety measures to protect the Customer’s data against disclosure, misuse, or otherwise contrary to law concerning the processing of personal data.

11. Customer data
When terminating the subscription, the Customer has permission to export all data needed from Conduze within the subscription period.

The supplier has no requirement to retain data after the subscription expires.

12. Operation stability
The supplier strives to offer the greatest possible operational stability, but is not responsible for any interruptions caused by factors beyond the supplier's control - including power failure, failure of servers, telecommunications connections or similar.

In case of interruptions the supplier strives to restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

13. Software updates
In order to offer the best possible service, it is necessary to extend or replace equipment as well as perform software updates.

For that reason, it may be necessary to suspend access to Conduze during these changes. Should it be required to suspend access to Conduze, the Customer will be announced this before the updates.

The supplier is allowed to frequently make changes, including updates and improvements of both the website and the system.

14. Property rights
All intellectual property rights related to Conduze are the sole supplier. Individually produced software also belongs to the supplier unless otherwise agreed separately in writing.

The Customer does not have the right to make use of the individually produces software to the Customer’s own internal business purposes. Neither may the Customer, in whole nor in part, assign sublicense or licensed services to others.

The supplier is entitled to assign rights deriving the terms and conditions to a company controlled by the supplier.

15. Obligation
The supplier is responsible for all the supplier's own services. The Supplier shall under no circumstances be held responsible for failure, delays or other reasons under agreements between the supplier and the Customer, provided that it fully or partly caused:

- The Customer’s violation of the parties’ agreement in general and/or the terms and conditions.
- The Customer’s use of services in a different way than the assumed.
- Computer Viruses, hacking, Trojans, spyware or similar.
- Unintended events where the Customer bears the risk.
- Losses covered by insurance taken out by the Customer or which are for the benefit of the Customer.

The supplier's total obligation for claims, including compensation and punishment, is limited to the Customer's direct losses and may never exceed 50% of the total amount of benefits.

The Customer is not permitted to claim compensation for neither indirect nor consequential damages, including loss of profits, loss of data or loss in connection with the recovery of data.

16. Force Majeure
Neither the Customer nor the supplier is liable for any delay or failure to perform obligations, except payment of a fee, which is caused by force majeure.

In case of force majeure, the party concerned shall promptly inform the other party of the force majeure situation.

17. References
The supplier reserves the right to use the Customer as a reference for marketing, sales material and queries. In this regard the Customer grants the supplier right to use the Customer’s name and logo.

18. Law and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law.

The respective directors should solve any disagreement between the Customer and the supplier jointly. If the parties’ directors can not resolve this dispute together, it must be brought before the court at the Supplier's residence.