Explore the features

Conduze gives companies a unique possibility to target the marketing to the users’ behaviour. The different features helps companies to optimize their marketing initiatives in general.

Optimize campaigns

With Conduze Call Tracker, companies are able to run a marketing operation based on collection of data. The tool makes it possible for companies to document the effect of campaigns and investments.

Companies can pinpoint and invest in the campaigns that pay off and forget about campaigns with non profitable results. Based on the results it will be possible to invest in the right campaigns and make the business grow.


Adwords optimizer

Companies gets the possibility to identify the full potential of AdWords advertising. Include data from incoming phone calls and avoid misleading cost per lead.

Call Tracking can easily be integrated with Google Analytics and AdWords with the aim of gathering all conversion data in one place only. 


Static source optimizer

Add track numbers to print advertising and get the possibility to evaluate campaigns. 

Track how many of the newsletter subscribers who choose to call directly from the newsletter.

Show dynamic popups based on user behavior


Website conversion optimizer

Test website improvements with our tracking tool and make sure that the inbound calls become an essential KPI to the performance of the website.

Get a simple, executive overview of campaigns performance with Conduze Insight. In this way, companies get a complete overview of performance.